people watching airport flying

One of the first subjects I studied extensively in college was sociology, which made me do more people watching than ever but from an entirely different point of view. Today at the airport and on the plane and after deplaning I did more people watching and figured what the heck why not put some of my random thoughts down, what harm could it do?

  • In the airport I came to this realization “everybody in Portland has a mac but me“, whether they be a friend of mine, or just about five random people I encountered while waiting, every person had one, the worst being the jerk who played music in a crowded waiting area through the machines speakers.
  • This isn’t so much people watching but I noticed that coffins are roomier than an airplane lavatory, I know planes have limited room but come on! I know I am not skinny but I am not the biggest guy in the world but I doubt I could fully turn around in there.
  • I also noticed that people read the damnedest things, I saw OK Magazine, People, US, etc, etc, and I just don’t get it. Why do we care what someone is wearing or who is dating who? It means so little, yet takes so much attention and money from our daily lives, but for why?
  • Lastly, I am beginning to think children should be gagged and leashed, now I don’t really mean that but if you see my previous entry you will understand, if a parent won’t be a parent why should society be made to suffer? It’s just wrong to let your kids run wild at the expense of everyone else.

Thanks for reading my whining, I’m out.

don’t picket the bears

So today being Thanksgiving we decided to all go out to breakfast as a family, to the Big Bear Diner and boy do they love their bears at this place.

Towards the end of the meal I went outside with my brother so he could smoke and I could mingle with him, only to see the restaurants mascot come out and start marching around with a picket sign that said “Feed the Bears” and he proceeded to go to the corner. I felt bad because we broke his one bear picket line, you can’t see much but the weird as hell pic follows of the bear at the corner.

Black Bear Diner Protesting Bear