American Qum Shot

On last nights Daily Show Jon covered the meeting of the G20 and their some of the absurdity revolving around the protests, as well as the absurdity of American protesters who are fearful of the President.

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Oh and at or around the 3:15 mark Jon discovers theres an Iranian city pronounced like something that comes out of a mans penis during intercourse. (That might not be NSFW)

I lack the whit necessary for this clip, just watch these people stick their heads up their own asses.

raptor jesus stops global warming

This isn’t an April Fools video, this guy really represents the 19th district in Illinois, and he really believes this stuff. With that said watch this little bag of crazy go to work.

You know congressman, I’m not saying you’re wrong but it is plausible that you are. So can we at least open the floor up to some reasoned debate about possible alternatives to your theory of God ordained it? You know because if you’re wrong (which you are not) we’re all absolutely fucking SCREWED.

Just saying…..

Oh and in case you’re wondering why I am not linking the congressman’s site it’s because I have a stupidity filter.

In closing here’s Jesus riding a dinosaur enjoy!

raptor jesus

President’s Day IN SONG!

Here in the states it’s President’s Day also known as Washington’s Birthday (which is not always celebrated on his birthday). It’s a way of celebrating all presidents, especially Washington and Lincoln.

Theres many ways to celebrate President’s Day but one of the ways I like to is in song. First with the Animaniacs whose song only goes up to President Clinton and then withJonathan Coulton‘s whose song only goes up to President Bush, the second (for now).

Oh and one more thing, listen until the ending on Jonathan Coulton’s song, it’s worth it.