iTunes Issues

We’ve all been there, been stuck with a computer error that seems to be exclusive to our machines.  We consult support forums, publications, friends and other computers to no avail and then resort to pulling our hair out and generally being mad that our exspensive computer has flat out died in some small way.

Well for the past week this has been me, and to make it worse it has been an issue with a mac, a system I am not extensively experienced with.  For no reason at all iTunes would crash within a minute of opening, and it was the only piece of software experiencing this issue.  I consulted another mac in our house, and it had no problems, so finally I resorted to drawing straws.

I tried rebooting with no positive results, looked at re-installing iTunes on top of the existing install and it didn’t change a thing.  I even removed iTunes entirely and installed it again without it helping things.  That is when I effectively gave up because I was out of ideas.

That is until it ocurred to me to try an old Windows trick, I copied the iTunes library files to the desktop and deleted them and fired up iTunes, and boom it worked.  I am not sure why this helped but I don’t care.

So if you have an issue with iTunes don’t fret and as a last resort no matter the OS, kill the library and restart the program, then paste back in the library so you don’t lose your library and hopefully you will be back in action.