American Qum Shot

On last nights Daily Show Jon covered the meeting of the G20 and their some of the absurdity revolving around the protests, as well as the absurdity of American protesters who are fearful of the President.

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Oh and at or around the 3:15 mark Jon discovers theres an Iranian city pronounced like something that comes out of a mans penis during intercourse. (That might not be NSFW)

I lack the whit necessary for this clip, just watch these people stick their heads up their own asses.

President’s Day IN SONG!

Here in the states it’s President’s Day also known as Washington’s Birthday (which is not always celebrated on his birthday). It’s a way of celebrating all presidents, especially Washington and Lincoln.

Theres many ways to celebrate President’s Day but one of the ways I like to is in song. First with the Animaniacs whose song only goes up to President Clinton and then withJonathan Coulton‘s whose song only goes up to President Bush, the second (for now).

Oh and one more thing, listen until the ending on Jonathan Coulton’s song, it’s worth it.

31 Days To Say I’m Sorry

It’s been 31 days since my state invalidated the rights of an opressed minority. 31 days since we told a group that they were second class citizens based on something they could not control. 31 days since we told our gay siblings, friends, and neighbors and co workers that they were not our equal…

31 days later and I still don’t know how to say how sorry I am to those who had their hopes quashed by bigotry and hate. We will get there eventually but until then I apologize for how wrong we have been for 31 days…going on 32…

the e-waste roundup

Electronic waste is one of our nations, and the worlds most pressing issues. The inside of my laptop that I am typing on right now is filled with all sorts of horrible materials that can cause immense harm if not disposed of correctly, I’d like to hope that when the time comes to get rid of this machine that it will be handled appropriately by those I entrust with it, and not inappropriately just to make a buck.

UPDATE: I got this message from @sowhatcanido on twitter.

“Choose socially-responsible e-cyclers (e-waste recyclers). Here’s how:

In this message, they link you to The E-Stewards Initiative, which maintains a list of responsible e-cyclers, keep them in mind the next time you need to get rid of some of your old electronic goods.

why the passing of proposition 8 was a good thing

no on prop 8If you know me, chances are you will look at the headline of this posting and wonder what happened to me to make me believe that the expression of h8te was a good thing. Well the answer is I have seen the last few days in my state. In the aftermath of something as wrong as proposition 8’s passage I have seen a mass of humanity mobilized in a mixture of fear, disgust and disappointment.

“without struggle there is no progress” ~ Frederick DouglassFriends who have never registered to vote, peers who have never spoken up on anything related to current events or politics, and those with political perspectives the opposite of my own have all spoken up in some manner against enshrining hate in our state’s constitution.

So that is why I believe the passing of this proposition was a good thing, sure I would give anything to have seen the proposition defeated and I honestly weeped at it’s passage, at least something positive has grown out of something so wrong.

We have seen marches in all corners of this state and marches in other states. Young, old, gay, straight, republican and democrat and independent alike have all marched in the days after this election to denounce this proposition’s passage.

In the aftermath of something so wrong, this movement for equality and yes change, has dusted itself off and only grown larger, you see I was complacent, possibly like you were. I looked at the polls and looked inwards at myself and believed the rejection of proposition 8 was only days away. I watched the exit polls showing an Obama victory on election night and assumed to have a huge victory at hand.

That was until just after Obama’s speech and I saw the results start to flow in and reality began to set in. While some exulted in the glow of the election of the first black president, others simply could not, while the nation took one gigantic step forward, my state also took a bigger step back.

Even with this step back though, my hope for the future only grows. I look at the exit polling, and I see hope. I compare the results of proposition 22 in 2000, a similarly themed proposition tossed out by the courts, and the results of proposition 8, and I see the tide slowly turning. Most of all however I look at the youth vote, a segment I still call my own and I see true change. Just over 60% of those under 29 voted against the marriage ban, a number we can only hope to see increase.

Change never comes easy in this country, but change is coming to this state and eventually in this country. In my grandmothers lifetime she has seen a world war, the end of segregation, and the fall of a superpower, and now the first black president, so don’t tell her we can’t change.

There is no legally or morally justifiable reason to not extend the right of marriage to all couples, hate and intolerance has a short life span in this country, it is only a matter of time.