Islam is none of these things

There are people the world over who pervert a political or religious view to fit their argument, few of them are able to turn it into a career path.

Pat Robertson has turned it into a very lucrative career path, and it’s just sad.

Of course Islam is none of the things Pat Robertson said, and an argument can be made that some subsets of his religion are what he said, ie: a political system bent on world domination.

Fixing Grooveshark search

Recently grooveshark underwent a major face lift making it a much sleeker, sexier and altogether easier to use service. That’s all well and good but they also moved around the url that is used when making a search query. Which means if you’re searching from the browser’s search function in any modern browser your search will go nowhere.

That is until now.

To fix this slight glitch that I am sure grooveshark itself will fix shortly you first need to find your user profile, if you don’t know where this folder is located heres mozilla to show you how depending on your operating system.

Now from that folder go to the searchplugins folder (note there is one other searchplugins folder where the default search engines are, this is not what you want however).

Now you should see some xml files, possibly many but more likely just a few. Locate the grooveshark.xml folder and open it in either a code editor or just a simple text editor.

What you will be presented with looks like a lot of garbage to the computer illiterate, but this is in fact just xml code. Don’t be discouraged the fix is really simple, just copy and paste one line in and you’re done.

Now scroll to the bottom (or do a search for template= and highlight everything inside the quotes, but not the quotes themselves, and paste in this line "{searchTerms}"

Now all you need to do is restart firefox and your searches of grooveshark should work perfectly

links for 2009-11-02

  • WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet is the new document, of the Visual Cheat Sheet family, that contains a practical reference guide to WordPress 2.8. This cheat sheet (5 pages) contains the full reference guide to WP Template Tags with detailed descriptions and sample code. The simple visual style I used to design this sheet allows you to find at a glance everything you are looking for.