I’m back and I want you to vote.

So I haven’t been a good blogger lately, instead of adding things here I’ve been doing things every where else. On twitter, flickr, tumblr, google reader and even a little bit of facebook.

Now about the voting…..

All Star First Vote 2010No this isn’t about the tea partiers no matter how hillariously misguided they might be, this is about the 2010 Major League All Star Game which I just voted for. What follows is who I voted for and why, I hope you enjoy.

So why did I vote for who I voted for?

Well normally I despise all star voting in April as it’s too early in the season, but I made a mistake this time since the Angels are hosting. Yes I am a homer, and my voting shows that.

Now I want to be open and honest, I didn’t research this at all, I just shot from the hip. And, when the AL team left me scratching my head I just went with the Angels in most cases.

With the formalities out of the way here’s who I voted for and why.

American League

1B – Kendry Morales – Angels
He’s not having a very hot beginning of the season but then again I don’t know of any AL first baseman who I like who are. That’s not to say I don’t like Kevin Youkilis or Mark Teixera, I just hate their teams.

2B – Howie Kendrick – Angels
Howie is by far the hottest hitter on the Angels and the most clutch player they have not named Hideki Matsui. This wasn’t a homer type vote, I’ve just been that impressed.

SS – Erick Aybar – Angels
He may not be spectacular so far this year but he’s been very solid and so far he’s making us not miss Chone Figgins. So it’s a homer vote just not a huge one.

3B – Evan Longoria – Rays
Need I say more? I don’t know his stats and I’ve only seen about one AB this year but Evan impresses every time I see him. And, he isn’t named ARod, nor is he linked to steroids.

DH – Hideki Matsui – Angels
All he does is hit, especially in pressure situations. He’s also made the loss of Vladimir Guerrero barely noticeable.

OF – Nelson Cruz – Rangers
He’s been hitting for average and power and stealing some bases for Texas, as an Angels fan he scares me.

OF – Franklin Gutierrez – Mariners
On a team that hasn’t been playing incredible baseball he’s been Seattle’s lone bright spot, all while playing spectacular defense, like Cruz he scares me.

OF – Austin Jackson – Tigers
As a rookie a top the Tigers order he’s played incredibly well. High average, solid defense and I believe a nice little hitting streak.

C – Jeff Mathis – Angels
Mathis has been the starter so far this year for the Halos and for a guy who’s primarily known for defense he has outperformed all offensive expectations. It’s hard to not vote for Joe Mauer but Mathis is finally playing like we all expected he could.

National League

1B – Albert Pujols – Cardinals
He is so talented, he makes me feel bad for Adrian Gonzalez who would start every All Star game if not for Albert.

2B – Chase Utley – Phillies
He’s always a great player and he’s local. I have no idea what his stats are but he’s a great player.

SS – Hanley Ramirez – Marlins
One of the best 5 tool players period.

3B – ????? – ?????
I have no idea how I missed this one.

C – Bengie Molina – Giants
No one stood out to me so I went with the Angels old catcher who’s always solid in San Francisco.

OF – Jason Heyward – Braves
He has shown why he was the number 1 prospect in baseball. This is more a vote for his future than how he’s playing now.

OF – Matt Kemp – Dodgers
It pains me to vote for a Dodger but he’s been that good.

OF – Andrew McCutchen – Pirates
He’s the brightest spot on a team full of possible surprising players. Truth be told however, no matter how good McCutchen is, I just forgot to vote for Andre Ethier.

So there you have it, vote early and vote often everyone, I know I will.

Islam is none of these things

There are people the world over who pervert a political or religious view to fit their argument, few of them are able to turn it into a career path.

Pat Robertson has turned it into a very lucrative career path, and it’s just sad.

Of course Islam is none of the things Pat Robertson said, and an argument can be made that some subsets of his religion are what he said, ie: a political system bent on world domination.

Fixing Grooveshark search

Recently grooveshark underwent a major face lift making it a much sleeker, sexier and altogether easier to use service. That’s all well and good but they also moved around the url that is used when making a search query. Which means if you’re searching from the browser’s search function in any modern browser your search will go nowhere.

That is until now.

To fix this slight glitch that I am sure grooveshark itself will fix shortly you first need to find your user profile, if you don’t know where this folder is located heres mozilla to show you how depending on your operating system.

Now from that folder go to the searchplugins folder (note there is one other searchplugins folder where the default search engines are, this is not what you want however).

Now you should see some xml files, possibly many but more likely just a few. Locate the grooveshark.xml folder and open it in either a code editor or just a simple text editor.

What you will be presented with looks like a lot of garbage to the computer illiterate, but this is in fact just xml code. Don’t be discouraged the fix is really simple, just copy and paste one line in and you’re done.

Now scroll to the bottom (or do a search for template= and highlight everything inside the quotes, but not the quotes themselves, and paste in this line "http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/search/?query={searchTerms}"

Now all you need to do is restart firefox and your searches of grooveshark should work perfectly

American Qum Shot

On last nights Daily Show Jon covered the meeting of the G20 and their some of the absurdity revolving around the protests, as well as the absurdity of American protesters who are fearful of the President.

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Oh and at or around the 3:15 mark Jon discovers theres an Iranian city pronounced like something that comes out of a mans penis during intercourse. (That might not be NSFW)

I lack the whit necessary for this clip, just watch these people stick their heads up their own asses.

blackberry says no to sms

Blackberry Storm SMS NOLike most people in my peer group I use SMS all day everyday and it’s the second most important feature of my phone outside of the phone itself. So what do you do when your phone takes away SMS? Well I don’t know but here’s what I did.

I have the much maligned and hated Blackberry Storm (I regret it), I pulled it out of my pocket to send a SMS to my brother but alas it was in an infinite loop and so I rebooted the phone. When it came back the SMS app was gone….. I searched, I gnashed my teeth, and I cursed RIM & Verizon. After a process of elimination I determined that I needed to reboot the Storm once more and boom the app came back.

I would say when in doubt reboot the Storm, but the phone is so frustratingly slow (and buggy) only do this as a last resort, but that’s what worked for me.

Using two mice to fix Logitech LX8 in Snow Leopard

So you’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard and System Preferences Logitech LX 8you want to switch the buttons on your nice Logitech LX 8 mouse. You go to System Preferences then to mouse expecting to be given the option to edit the button behaviors only to be presented with options for everything but button behaviors.

If you go to the logitech website looking for drivers or other installation media you won’t get the help you want at this point because all install media only works with Leopard, not Snow Leopard. So what do you do to fix this problem you ask? Well you get a second mouse out that will work with Snow Leopard properly, in my case the Apple Mighty Mouse.

Upon connecting the mighty mouse and going to the mouse portion of System Preferences it allows mighty mouse system preferencesme to change the mouse button behaviors and these settings are saved for any other mice you have connected, or at least that’s how it behaves as of this writing.

It’s a weird fix to be sure but it’s how I got this mouse to behave properly in OS X, hopefully Apple/Logitech will fix this soon and this info will become outdated.