American Qum Shot

On last nights Daily Show Jon covered the meeting of the G20 and their some of the absurdity revolving around the protests, as well as the absurdity of American protesters who are fearful of the President.

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Oh and at or around the 3:15 mark Jon discovers theres an Iranian city pronounced like something that comes out of a mans penis during intercourse. (That might not be NSFW)

I lack the whit necessary for this clip, just watch these people stick their heads up their own asses.

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blackberry says no to sms

Blackberry Storm SMS NOLike most people in my peer group I use SMS all day everyday and it’s the second most important feature of my phone outside of the phone itself. So what do you do when your phone takes away SMS? Well I don’t know but here’s what I did.

I have the much maligned and hated Blackberry Storm (I regret it), I pulled it out of my pocket to send a SMS to my brother but alas it was in an infinite loop and so I rebooted the phone. When it came back the SMS app was gone….. I searched, I gnashed my teeth, and I cursed RIM & Verizon. After a process of elimination I determined that I needed to reboot the Storm once more and boom the app came back.

I would say when in doubt reboot the Storm, but the phone is so frustratingly slow (and buggy) only do this as a last resort, but that’s what worked for me.