Using two mice to fix Logitech LX8 in Snow Leopard

So you’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard and System Preferences Logitech LX 8you want to switch the buttons on your nice Logitech LX 8 mouse. You go to System Preferences then to mouse expecting to be given the option to edit the button behaviors only to be presented with options for everything but button behaviors.

If you go to the logitech website looking for drivers or other installation media you won’t get the help you want at this point because all install media only works with Leopard, not Snow Leopard. So what do you do to fix this problem you ask? Well you get a second mouse out that will work with Snow Leopard properly, in my case the Apple Mighty Mouse.

Upon connecting the mighty mouse and going to the mouse portion of System Preferences it allows mighty mouse system preferencesme to change the mouse button behaviors and these settings are saved for any other mice you have connected, or at least that’s how it behaves as of this writing.

It’s a weird fix to be sure but it’s how I got this mouse to behave properly in OS X, hopefully Apple/Logitech will fix this soon and this info will become outdated.