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Your IT Department is killing us all

60% of companies use IE6 as their default browser

I just finished reading an excellent post over at the webware blog, by Larry Dignan entitled What Browser Wars? The Enterprise Still Loves IE6. In this article he details the corporate worlds long (and continuing) love affair with Internet Explorer 6.

In this article he doesn’t break any new ground but he does reveal some stats that are just amazing. I knew that corporations love IE6, out of the people I am closest with I am the only one without IE6 in my life. However, I did not expect to see that IE6 enjoyed a 60% market share in the corporate world, I expected something between 45 and 50 percent.

The article goes on to ask many questions about how IT departments are killing productivity with browser specific solutions (theres no excuse for those any more, period) and uses the usual anology of giving workers an antiquated piece of technology to deal with current problems.

Where I really enjoyed the article however was where he talked about reasons to switch. All too often these articles pile on about IE6’s myriad amount of problems without detailing why even IE7 or IE8 are better. This article is worth a read because it not only showcases why IE6 is bad but it also provides a great crib sheet you can use for winning over your IT department to your line of thinking regarding IE6.

If you need help killing IE6 there is a number of solutions out there in addition to the article talked about here, these include the website from .net magazine, and, or you can simply do a search to find many more.