In this election we are presented with non stop negative stories, “don’t vote for them because of [fill in the blank issue]”, rather than “vote for me because of my stance on [fill in the blank issue]”. I always figured if you went to the political parties web sites it would be a little more nuanced and positive about both their candidates and politics, boy was I wrong. positive vs negative

At you are presented with the above image, a fairly well designed site for the Republican Party, however what you are not presented with is much about their candidate.

Sure we have one graphic linking you to a post about Sen. McCain’s policy about climate change, but that is only one issue that relates to him, compared to six negative links about Obama. Those links are as follows:

  1. Obama’s Disgraceful Duo – A story about some of Obama’s supporters
  2. Meet Barack Obama
  3. The Rezko Judgement – A story about a one time Obama fundraiser
  4. Democrats vs Obama – A story about what other Democratic presidential candidates said about Obama during the primary
  5. Obama’s Bad Week In Review
  6. Days Since Obama Visited Iraq Clock

However, the Democrats are not much better. positive vs. negative

Sure they are better in the count of positive postings compared to negative, however at democrats.orgthey only have one more positive story about their nominee, and that is only due to the fact that they have a large graphic dedicated to their new nominee.

Their first two links are dedicated to McCain bashing, and the last link is about correcting what they now see as a past discretion, only the third link can be seen as truely positive, that would be the link about “Change We Can Believe In”.

I am not naive, I know elections are always about the horror the other side would bring, but I thought someone some where would try to appeal to our sense of good, rather than our sense of evil. I posted this to show that this is not the fact, at least at the home of our two major political parties.