physicians against

How could an article entitled State Supreme Court may give gays a medical victory make me angry, I wondered.

Upon reading it, I now know. The case stems from a woman who wanted to have a baby with her partner and the medical office she was a patient of denying her service, they say because she was an unwed mother, she says because she happened to be lesbian. Unfortunate but not all that surprising unfortunately. The part that set me off was to follow however.

Chief Justice Ronald M. George, asked a lawyer for the doctors whether they could refuse to treat patients of their ethnic backgrounds.

Kenneth R. Pedroza, who represented the North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group replied “the answer would seem to be yes.”

Why must we accept peoples religious bigotry? This argument appears to say that slavery would be okay, if it were a deeply held religious belief. What else could we excuse? We have shown in this country that certain “deeply held religious beliefs” are not acceptable, ie. polygamy, why can’t stomp out what can be only referred to as discrimination.

Religion is a wonderful thing for some people, but it should be used as a tool to bring people from all walks of life together, not as a tool to further push us apart.