Do not want!

So I’m killing time at work before the top of the hour and we have to deliver some things to another building on campus and so I figured I would browse slashdot and digg just to see what was going on in the nerd world, and I saw a story about republicans voting for Hillary to derail the Obama campaign.

Once the page loads I happily roll my mouse down from the tabs towards the article link when suddenly I am attacked by…. well the image below will show you.

digg flash ad

Yes, that is a ginormous effin breakfast burrito. Problems like this at digg have happened before only I haven’t been exposed to them as I have happily used adblock at work to stop annoying flash based ads and media players, but that doesn’t work when I am at work.

I am an ardent user of digg, it’s one of the sites I visit every day and probably multiple times a day, but lately it’s been seeming less and less like the hang out for whats going on in the world and in tech and more and more like a money driven myspace clone.

I want to stick with digg, and I don’t expect them to stop serving up ads with their links, but stop with the obtrusive ads, because if you don’t the crowd will leave and then who will you serve the ads to?