freelancin’ wordpress default

Now I understand why people use pre-built themes in wordpress and don’t develop their own, its time consuming or requires knowledge or skill sets you don’t have, and to be honest themes are one of my favorite things about wordpress, next to the open source nature of the software and the extensive amoutn of plug ins.

However what I don’t entirely get is the love of the wordpress default theme, sure it’s nice, gets the job done and is somewhat sleek, but it shows no imagination in my opinion, no drive to strike out and make something unique or at least different.  I like the theme a lot, but personally it is too plain and ubiquitous for me to want to use it on my own site outside of the initial set up process.

That is not to say others should not use it, heck I am helping to set up a blog using it right now, which I guess sort of makes me a freelancer in a way.  If you want to check it out you can head over to, mind you it is no where near done at all, but that’s the joy of tweaking a pre-built theme and not building one from scratch.

the night after leopard


It’s the night after the leopard launch and google actually gave me a present, just before bed I noticed that finally at long last (a week) my gmail has been IMAP-ified, now for the moment this means no change for me. Also, for most people this will mean nothing, and considering I needed to be in bed a while ago I won’t go into details, but I will say this, this is a vast improvement over pop.

So thank you google, and for you leopard people, I am jealous as all hell.

bitemarks on the backside.

If you really know me and talk to me often you probably know I am looking for a new job, not because I don’t like who I work with or what I do but because I just need to move on because of a mixture of being bored, not being challenged, and well I have a few pieces of paper from the school I can make more else where.

However you can cross a few things off the list of complaints, specifically you can cross out being bored, and not being challenged, but you can add a new complaint hating some of the students. In the past few days it seems the daily monotony has been broken, gone is the days of just surfing the web and randomly doing programming and mundane chore/busy work, and in its place we’re imaging machines one day, delivering them the next, making expansion plans for the lab and all in all doing new things and I am having to learn new things about imaging the machines or more specifically about the software being used.

So some of the minor annoyances of work are gone, in its place?  Students who don’t get it, you see it’s like this.  My job is to keep the machines running, not to help you in your work.  I’ll give you an example if Word isn’t running properly I am required to help you, if you can’t figure something out I can tell you tough.  However, we never do that to a student because it’s bad form and because we don’t want to hear complaints.  However that has changed in the case of some students.  Most are kind, cordial, eager to learn and very grateful when help is delivered, then there are the others.

Some students appear to be unable to listen when help is offered, even worse some won’t listen to the basic rules of our labs.  Sure your student fees pay for the lab, but they are not a right, you can’t come in and do your shopping, and you certainly can’t come in and sleep.

Worse yet, you can’t just barge into our closed lab when the door is closed, we don’t interupt you when you are doing homework, why interupt us when we are doing our work, the door is closed for a reason isn’t it?

Worse still is this, don’t mess with things you don’t have a need to mess with, today it almost led to a door being broken, recently a computer, etc.

I am being purposely vague do to work concerns but I am frustrated, and not at everyone but someONE , yes these complaints are in regards to one student.  These complains almost led to me cursing at a disabled guy tonight, although those curses had nothing to do with his disability and everything to do with his being a jerk.

Things can be summed up this way, don’t abuse those who control your privileges it can really come back to bite you in the backside.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to work on my friends new site, it’s not up yet but it will be at, check it out, I hope to have it up within the hour.

why i am pink (for october)


If you visit my site, and chances are if you’re reading this you are there now, then you may notice a change, that change being well, pink.

If you notice this change you might ask yourself, Robert, have your lost your mind? The answer is no, it’s part of Pink for October‘s initiative to spread breast cancer awareness.

I am just upset it took me until the middle of the month to get around to doing it to my site, but at least my recent site refresh made this look super easy to get it done.

burma is important

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you are probably familiar with the unfolding crisis in Burma, sometimes referred to as Myanmar. Through the talented Jen Myers over at deliberatepixel I came across the Burma is Important Project and their desire to have people submit new images. I created the following graphic in the hopes that something good can come out of abject horror.

burma is important

If you don’t know what’s going on in Burma get educated, speak out, just don’t be silent to the plight of millions.

browser set up

As anyone who knows me at all will tell you, I am a firefox devotee, and since the other day I had portable firefox issues and lost all add ons. With that in mind, and since I am stuck on my homework for the moment I figured I would detail my firefox set up on my laptop, so not only will I have a reference as to what I use in case I need it at work, but also so anyone else can see what I use and possibly adopt these extensions as well.

So now without further ado and in alphabetical order are my themes and add ons used.


super mario bros 3 theme

add ons

I use adblock plus not really to block ads, although I will use it to block really annoying ads but rather I use it to block annoying flash apps, I know there are other great flash blockers out there but since this add on works so well I stick with it. cooliris previews is something I have considered getting rid of actually, it is a great add on but something that at times can be annoying, it allows you to see basically a floating frame when hovering over a link and in that frame is the page the link would send you to, it is a wonderfully well done add on but I find myself asking, why do I really need it?

I use classic to tag my links and upload them to my account and once I finish editing my bookmarks I might switch to the regular add on.
download statusbar is honestly something I rarely use any more, I keep it around because at times when downloading large files it will keep me up to date on how far along the download is and how much time is left. farkit is a site specific add on, used on in their commenting forums, if you don’t visit the site you don’t need this, but if you do then this add on is invaluable. forecastfox is used to track the current weather conditions and the 5 day forecast, it also is a great resource when weather warnings are issued.

fotofox, I honestly don’t know how I got this add on, I think I saw it in a list, but since I have the flickr uploadr I don’t need fotofox and I am sorry to say that beause it looks like a strong add on. The foxmarks bookmark synchronizer allows me to keep one set of bookmarks on any computer I use that has firefox and the add on installed, I use it constantly with my work copy of the aforementioned portable firefox. I use the gmail notifier to keep track of my emails and it has proved to be an invaluable and highly customizable resource.

google preview brings image previews to google search results via a small screenshot next to the result on the page, I honestly can not imagine google without this I use the add on so often. For those pesky sites where Internet Explorer has to be used IEtab allows you to easily load a page inside firefox using the IE engine, I use it often for way too many reasons to mention, but it proves especially invaluable when designing a web page and I want to see how it will appear in IE. I use the screen grab! add on to take screen shots of the current web page, and I absolutely love it. I can take shots from the whole page, the visible portion of the page, or just a certain selection of the page then redirect the output to the clipboard or to a file. Simply put it does a small task extraordinarily well.

smart digg button is a site specific extention that allows me to submit a new site to digg or simply digg an article via a box in the firefox status bar, I don’t use it a ton but I do find it to be very useful. tinyURL creator can be used on any web page to quickly convert the current webpages url to a tinyURL link, it takes a mundane task and makes it seamless, simple and easy, I like it. tweetbar is a firefox sidebar extention that allows viewing of tweets and posting of new tweets all from the firefox sidebar, I don’t use it a ton but it is well done, and if you don’t mind here is my twitter account.

That’s my firefox set up, exciting isn’t it?