rendition on the big screen

i normally wouldn’t use my personal site to advertise a new film, but this is a special situation. Say what you will about the realities and the politics of our time, this movie will open your eyes.

The practice known as extraordinary rendition, is illegal, immoral and un-american. Get educated, informed and become knowledgeable, for yourself, for your kids, and for your country.

fother mucker

As a matter of principle I refrain from identifying in any way those above me who have screwed up when posting on here. It’s not to protect them but rather to protect me since I still work there. This will be a very tough one to act principally on.

Here’s the deal, I am taking one course right now while working at my school and looking for a new job, speaking of which I need to post a resume on the appropriate sites in the next few days, so all in all it is simple for me to keep my school work straight and get assignments done in a timely manner.

Or it would be if it were possible this time around. The way things go in this course the teacher posts an unfinished bit of code and your assignment is to finish it, which I have done. I have yet to turn anything in because I will show them to him at the time of the first test which is entirely acceptable to do. Only problem is, the current assignment requires him to show last weeks assignment to the class and since not everyone may have completed it he is not posting it rather he is sending it out upon receiving the prior weeks work.

If he had posted this last week so I could have sent in my work in a timely manner this would be fine, but he did not do this and as such here I am. He posts the new assignment on a Saturday which for one is entirely inconvenient for anyone, and since we must message him, most likely no one will get the needed files until Monday. That is not even mentioning the fact that we have a test to study for.

Now this is an advanced class and I am sure I can handle the work and get it done, and in all honesty I don’t have a bitch about how he decided to assign the work, what I am complaining about is that he gave no warning that he was deviating from the routine. If he had then we could have prepared for this and as such we could have the maximum time available to complete the new work.

Now if you have made it this far I thank you for following my scattershot ramblings… but theres more whining to come

everytime you think you know everything

Life can be a jerk sometimes, case in point my just now discovering what the clear property does in css.

Without getting bogged down in semantics, my old theme that I abandoned because I couldn’t make the sidebar and content pane work together…. it could have been saved, and my current theme could have been altered somewhat as well. While I prefer my current theme right now, it does bug me that something so tiny, would have fixed what I ended up throwing away.

Using the handy dandy, guide on the clear property from the w3schools the clear property can be summed up thusly:

Image and text elements that appear in another element are called floating elements.

The clear property sets the sides of an element where other floating elements are not allowed.

Or to put it another way, you basically create a page break at the bottom of an element, right, left, or both. This is one of the reasons I want to go into this line of work, it really excites me to have learned this, and everyday I find something like this that I did not know.


Days spent at work when I am bored, and all is quiet seem almost perfectly suited as times to go on here and blab away, so here I am.

Ever since I received my degrees from this learning institution, my thoughts and feelings have changed about it, it was honestly one of those moments where a light bulb in your head suddenly turns on.

Gone were the days where I thought working here and learning here were noble pursuits, and they were replaced with an old friend from my past days, dread.  Now I am not saying that learning is not something wonderful, far from it actually.  What I am saying is that I dread this place in many respects now.  It’s not the place actually, and definitely not my co workers or even the students who sometimes ask stupifying questions, what I dread is me.

Or to put it more precisely, I dread my station in life.  All of my friends with either the same level of education or less are making more than me and also working more hours.  Now this is not an apples to apples comparison by any means, as they work in places I wouldn’t go nor would they be skilled to where my education would lead me, it is rather an observation that my current role in life is beneath where I should be and where I aspire to be.

This week I finally decided that instead of being the jerk who is constantly stating “I need to do…” I am actually going to take action.  I am actually going to take a weird first step, and open up a credit card account, and quite possibly make one more juvenile decision and buy an iPhone (that’s a blog post for another time).

Second, on the agenda is taking care of the lack of a drivers license, I don’t know why I don’t have one, it just seemed to be something I could put off, but if I want to improve on my job I certainly have to be able to get to a new one right?

Soon after that is hopefully finding wheels so I can get to an interview and then the ultimate goal of a new job.  What I need to tackle now though is the idea that I am not expected to be an expert at this stage in my life.  I have a lot to learn and I need experience to learn it.

I am not saying I will achieve all this in an instant but hopefully it won’t take long.

verizon wireless is anti choice?

Shame on you Verizon Wireless, that’s something I don’t often say since you are a huge part of my life, what with my fathers employment, and my cell service coming from them after all.

But shame for doing this, and while I agree with “legal authorities” that VZW is well within its rights in doing this, it doesn’t mean that it is right.  If this was a program where text messages went to all customers on a mandatory basis then blocking it entirely would be appropriate.

Instead however you decided to duct tape the mouth of a group who simply wanted to communicate with like minded people, not convert those who disagreed.  Shame.  When there was so many good and valid reasons to accept this, you chose the cowards way out to avoid controversy, well you let this customer down.

Denying this program is something I just don’t understand, at all.

the lowdown.

Ok so this is where I talk about my current theme which I named “speechbubble”, which I launched in September of 2007. I guess I should get out of the way the necessary info. first off I am hosted by, I run wordpress to power the blog, sitemeter for stats, and I protect my site by a share and share alike, non commercial creative commons license (if I somehow violate your copyright it is unintended, please contact me if something needs to be removed).

All of my code is written by myself except where specified, and all of my code is XHTML 1.0 and CSS compliant, but the same can not be said for the wordpress plug ins and various badges I have on this themes header and sidebar. I write my page with firefox in mind but it should work in all browsers, especially since I had to use a minor tweak to get things to appear right in internet explorer. If you run that browser please explore firefox, opera, safari, flock, or any other browser, your friendly neighborhood web designer will thank you.

plug ins & services

I use a number of different wordpress plug ins and javascript badges on my site as I already stated. In my header I use a hacked version of flickrRSS to bring my latest flickr posts to my site. Just below that I use twitter’s javascript badge to deliver my latest tweet to the site.

In my sidebar I use one of digg‘s javascript badges to bring the latest news that I find of interest over on digg, it is not a glimpse into what I find to be the most important news of the day but rather simply what has sparked my interest at digg lately.

To bring the latest tracks posted to my account I utilize the very well done wp audioscrobbler, lastly I use the cost of war javascript badge to present the current cost of the war in Iraq, and the badge from amnesty international to present information that has been censored somewhere in the world.

I also use the well done ultimate tag warrior to provide folksonomy (tagging) on each of my blog entries, and wp lightbox to provide overlays not only for the hacked version of flickrRSS but also for any other graphics I decide as well.

Lastly I use the incredible askismet plug in to keep my comments spam free, gravatar to provide icons on my comments page and to provide the cool speech bubbles around each comment post.

version history

super mario firefox

mario firefox Thanks to the brilliant and beautiful Mrs. Zadi Diaz over at, I now have a nice new theme for my copy of firefox, I don’t know how long I will keep it, but for now it looks pretty cool. The theme is based off of Super Mario Bros. 3 and it is extremely well done. Try this link for it and if that doesn’t work, use the google.

UPDATE: the above link is farked but has it.