iTunes, iPod, (no iPhone), iAm

With all the massive hyper over the iPhone debuting today in the states, I thought I would take stock of my own albeit limited apple fanboy-ism.

I am the proud owner of two iPods (3g and 5g) and a ton of different accessories.  I wouldn’t switch for anything and to be honest I really wish I could get a macbook.  Furthermore, if the storage space ever gets beefed up enough I would love to get an iPhone, but on Verizon since there network is far from perfect, but the closest that we have to perfect.

So as you can tell I am no big time apple fan boy but I do love the company as they just seem to put a lot more effort into what they do.

However I do use iTunes everyday, for probably hours on end and in taking stock of how much I love apple I noticed one interesting little tidbit.

I bought three tracks the other day (The 13th Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, Stevie Wonder “I Believe”, and Green Day “Working Class Hero”) and in doing so I reached the 4,000 tracks mark in iTunes.  If you’re wondering no that does not fill up my entire 30 gb iPod not by a long shot. It does however give me 9.2 days of music or 14gb.

Now that’s a lot.

yahoo messenger equals spyware

So yahoo, you don’t let me uninstall you as a whole so I have to kill each individual program.  Then you fuck up my firefox so I have to take time to fix my default search.   And I was just starting to warm up to you, I mean google is spying on me basically, and you have some of my favorite services like flickr, and others.  But no you had to ruin it by fucking up my copy of messenger with what amounts to unwanted spyware.  So thank you, I will fix my stuff and go back to google, except for those services you have that I like.  I can be won back though, so please try.

monkey see, monkey do

If you check out my account today you might notice one thing, or more appropriately one band.  For some reason today I have reconnected with a huge part of my teenage years, that being the band Nirvana.

I never lost touch with the band as the music had and still has a huge impact on me but my interest had waxed and waned in many respects in the last few years.

It’s comforting to know that even after all these years cranking these songs up can still have the same joyous impact.

Now if only I could play the guitar that Kurt inspired me to get, a jag-stang is way too nice to not be played sometimes.

I thought about listing here some of my all time favorite Nirvana tracks and honestly theres too many to mention.  Right now I have sappy, territorial pissings, and scentless apprentice in my head….

The state of affairs

I feel all at once finished with my new site and it’s layout at least for the most part, yet I feel it is unfinished.  I say this in that my current layout has moved from left aligned to center aligned and in doing so well…..

I will just cut to the chase I feel I need to add some sort of graphic to the header section above the menu bar.  For now the site is in a working condition but with an unfinished look.  An unfinished look that I don’t like.  I need to find something soon to add to the top so I can be happy with the look and feel of the page again.

So if you have any ideas about what could be added to make the page look complete let me know, I would appreciate it.  I love the look of the site, just it needs something more.


For those of you who know me, you know I am a baseball fanatic, heck I even currently have an Angels logo posted on this very page in the sidebar.  Anyways I love the Angels, especially the team of 2002.  Well last night one of those storied Angels, Scott Spiezio made his major league pitching debut.  He’s always been a utility guy with starting stints at various stops.  But this is his debut as a pitcher.  Final stats weren’t bad a walk and nothing else in one inning of work.

Before I post the link I want to point out that unfortunately windows media player is required for the clip, so if you don’t have it don’t click.

Click here to watch all the action.

Oh and thanks to and user 101Halo for the heads up.

GIS Graduation


I found this graphic on this page while doing a google image search for “Happy Graduation.” I am at a total loss as to just what the hell it means, and why is it posted on the university of santa cruz web site? I know it’s in a students directory and on a page called art but it’s some weird shit. It probably is just an artistic intepretation of some event but still it causes an odd reaction, at least in my head.